A Definitive Guide to Buying a Powerlifting Singlet That Meets your Needs

If your passion is in powerlifting, you need to understand that it is a great sport. The competition will be a measure of your progress. There’s no need to worry if you improve or not. You just need to lift the weight that it is just very simple as you think it could be.

What Exactly is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is actually a unique sport wherein competitors will lift weights in just one repetition. You can choose if you will lift weight in the bench press, deadlift and squat. You will usually be placed into a particular division and you will be classified by variables that include age group, experience level and weight class. You will be permitted to try out three attempts at every lift. This will now be in a totality of 9 competition lifts the entire day.

In the end, awards will be presented to those who have the highest bench press, squat and deadlift. The total score will be determined by the best lifts. If you have the highest score, you will be announced as the one who is the strongest.

Why Buy a Powerlifting Singlet?

When it comes to powerflifting, you will need a singlet that will accentuate your size, your crotch. You will need this in each federation. If you will not wear it, you will not compete as well. This is actually sold during the competition. But, it’s good news that you can buy it off online. There are many choices to find online. But, below are the choices of powerlifting singlet that you would want to consider buying now.

Our Top Picks for the Best Powerlifting Singlet

Below are our top picks for the best singlet that can make you feel very comfortable.

  • Inzer Powerlifting Singlet─ This is on top of the choices that are very flexible and supple. This is also great because of its classic design. With good construction and quality materials, you would expect of it to last for years. This is also the most durable of all for its fabric used.
  • Titan Triumph Powerlifting Singlet─ This offers its upper chest coverage. This is also a perfect singlet to have if you have a low cut bench shirt. This is manufactured using a fabric made material and this stretches further for its sure fits.
  • Slingshot Singlet─ This is another excellent choice of powerlifting singlet that is manufactured by none other than Mark Bell. This is really a good choice as it also looks good.
  • ASICS Singlet─ This is one of the most recommended singlets with so many colors to choose from. This is the quality singlet that you will purchase and that complement your money.

Buy a Powerlifting Singlet That Gives you the Right Fit!

In all these, you need to buy a powerlifting singlet that will give you the right fit. You need to choose one that is not too loose and not too tight. You should check the sizing chart of the manufacturer before you buy your singlet. Remember that you will be using it for years and for your powerlifting career!

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