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Pregnancy comes with a plethora of changes in the woman’s body. In essence, these changes are the body’s way of preparing itself for accommodation of the developing fetus. Some are visible which would therefore be considered as pregnancy signs while some are more of internal and not visible as such and would be considered as symptoms of pregnancy. However, testing and the use of proven methods such as ultrasound are the still the final word on whether one is pregnant or not.

Pregnancy signs

They mostly include the changes that can be visible to human eyes. During pregnancy, the following changes can be seen in the woman’s body;


  • The breasts become extremely tender to touch and slightly swollen. Usually, this might provide among the earliest signs to a developing pregnancy. This usually would be seen as early as two weeks after fertilization. The breasts may also feel heavier and fuller.

Development of craving

  • Aversion to some food and development of craving for some is part of pregnancy signs. In most occasions, women will crave for foods that provide minerals and nutrients that are somehow deficient inn their bodies.

Headache and fatigue

  • The formative stages of pregnancy will also sometimes have headaches as symptoms of pregnancy. This mostly happens after slight exposure or exertion.
  • Unusual fatigue and tiredness especially after slight work are also rife. Early stages and symptoms of pregnancy usually have the body producing the hormone progesterone in large amounts. In high amounts, the hormone has been shown to have enough power to cause sleep. Usually, the body cushions itself by saving most of the energy that is expended in other activities. It is therefore advisable that pregnant women do not engage in heavy work.

Morning sickness

  • Sometimes, one experiences continuous bouts of nausea with or without vomiting. In cases where vomiting would occur, it would mostly occur in the morning. This usually is known as morning sickness.

Vaginal bleeding

  • Vaginal bleeding may also provide a conclusive symptom of pregnancy. This usually happens after implantation of the fertilized eggs onto the uterine walls. It is known as implantation bleeding.


As much as the presence of valid pregnancy signs and symptoms of pregnancy can be rife, it is still important that one visits a medical center to get tested via ultrasound or uses common DIY methods such as the strip.

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