Get Slick with Palmera Apparel’s New Slim Wallets

With so many fashion trends crowding the wardrobe store, customers often get confused about the kind of accessories that will complement most types of clothing. Men’s accessories usually range from watches and ties to cufflinks and rings or wrist bands; out of these wallets are regarded as the most important accessory because of its obvious requirements.

The Trends in Wallets

You would think it strange but even within wallets; you would find a whole range of styles. The varied stitching, the dissimilar materials and the different sizes, all render a unique style to this accessory when  utilized in different combinations.

The newest trend in wallets is leather casing with a sleek and slim design. Palmera Apparel has introduced some irresistible pieces this season which are a must buy for men who are conscious about their style and about the image they project amongst friends and at their workplace.

Palmera’s Uniquely Designed Wallets for Men

These slim leather wallets introduce a new trend – instead of a leather flap that folds over itself and has many full length pockets inside, the slim leather wallet has only a single flap of half the length of the usual wallets with slide in pockets on both sides. So basically, you go for only half of the wallet with just as much spacing, if not more.

These sleek wallets have been introduced in two colors – black and brown – with 4-card and 6-card denominations with their signature twin-palm design engraved onto the bottom right hand corner of the wallet. The leather has been treated so that these handsome wallets are completely scratch resistant to provide durability and longevity.

Why You Should Buy From Palmera Apparel

These slim designed Palmera Apparel wallets are a must have not only because of their sleek structure, but also because they are a complete fashion statement within themselves.

  • These wallets are produced from original cow hide leather.
  • They are offered in two different options in both basic colors – 6 card and 4 card variations.
  • They carry the signature embossed twin palms trademark.
  • These products will be delivered to you all gift wrapped without any extra charges.
  • These original products are worth under $30.

Purchasing from the Palmera Apparel website is a convenient process; simply visit their website, use the photographs to help you decide upon the size and the color, select the preferred variant and place your order with a simple click of the button.

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