How is “Grass and Mountain Engagement” the Best Photo-shoot by Draht Photography

Why is Draht photography so famous?

It is not untrue that Draht Photography is one of the best photography companies which Kelowna has even seen. It is specifically famous for its wedding photo shoot. One famous Kelowna wedding photographer, Eric Draht, is one of the founders of this company and tends to provide the best photo shoots in town. He has successfully conducted a lot of wedding, engagement and family photo shoots and continues to do so. The reason why his work is liked by people is that he tried to capture the true emotions of people and tries to preserve their feelings in the pictures which he takes.

How is “The Grass and the Mountain Engagement” one of the best photo shoots?

One of the best works of this Kelowna photographer is “The grass and the mountain engagement”. This engagement photo shoot was done in a mountainous area with a lot of greenery. It is important to note that scenic beauty and romance get along pretty well. Hence, this is the reason why the pictures of this photo shoot seem to be extremely romantic and lovely. According to this Kelowna wedding photographer, he aims to look for “honest expressions” and capture them in his pictures.

Why is this such a good location have an engagement photo shoot at?

Well, according to this Kelowna photographer, the combination of the right colors is one of the most important factors in a good picture. This is why he preferred to choose this location. The greenery of the grass, the bluish touch of the sky and brownish impact of the mountains in the background all mix up to provide the perfect picture. Holding your spouse’s hand and running on the grassy land nearby the mountains, and smiling at each other; who would not want such a beautiful moment to be captured?

Where can you see these pictures?

Well, all of the pictures from this photo shoot by the famous Kelowna wedding photographer are available on Draht photography’s website. If you are looking forward to have a similar photo shoot on your wedding or on your engagement, you can get in touch with the company right away and they will book a spot for you too.

Confused about what kind of photo shoot to get?

Well, even if you are confused about the location of your engagement photo shoot and the type of pictures you want, you can get in contact with the Kelowna photographer at Draht Photography and he will be more than happy to guide you properly.

About the Author: Claire Ross